Sir Jupiter


Listen freely to our music on our Faircamp page!


10 years after the original Sir Jupiter album, we are releasing a "remixed & remastered" edition including an acoustic version of the song Memories: Sir Jupiter 10th Anniversay Edition!

Available on Spotify and other platforms.
Can also be ordered as CD upon request.

We're going to close the summer with a concert in Clermont d'Excideuil on the 25th of August. Come see us at the FUTURE//PAST event!

"Wings" is out NOW! We hope you like it. You can grab it here from Spotify, iTunes and Google Play Music.

Thank you ErasmusMC for your enthusiasm despite the rain. It was nice playing for you!

At this moment, we are completing the second part of our double-EP. We shall release in a couple of days the first song "Passenger" as a foretaste.

As usual, we're releasing our new Christmas song, this year an instrumental piece. Enjoy it here!

Champagne!!! The moment is there!! ROOTS, the first part of our double-EP is released, listen to it today on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Play Music and many more!

We are going to perform again in the Netherlands !!
On the 20th of June, we'll be playing twice for an hour at the Fête de la Musique of Ermelo. If you want to know where and at what time, see the program ! We're looking forward to it !

It was a lovely relaxed performance at Unplugged in Leiden. Thanks to the wonderful enthusiastic audience !

Attention everyone! You can now enjoy our album on Spotify and Deezer and it's also available on iTunes and Google Play Music. Go give it a listen!

Just like every year, we've written a Christmas song. This year, it's "Silver Light"! Merry Christmas and have fun listening!!

Hey! We will finish the Soirées Festives in Hautefort (Place Eugène Leroy) on the 12th of August with a concert at 20:30! See you then!

We start the "Happy New Year" with our cover of "Popular Thing" from the New-York band Jukebox the Ghost!

We've got a new video of one of our performances of last summer! "Destination Unknown", a song from our CD!

Here it is! Our new Chistmas song! We hope you like it!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!
There hasn't been much news lately, we are "unplugged" from the music because of the university. But like every year, we do have a Christmas song for you that we are releasing in 2 days!

Our interview on Radio Liberté Ribérac Dordogne can be heard by clicking here.

Great intervieuw this morning for the promotion of our CD !! Thanks to Pascal Gadeaud for inviting us !

Only 3 days left until our concert in Génis!

GREAT NEWS!! We have been selected for the semi-finals of the "Musique de R.U." in Bordeaux! We will play there on the 13th of February!


Listen here to our new Christmas song!

The mixing is done!!! The release is comin' closer!

We finally finished all the recordings. Next step: Mixing!

Thanks US Hautefort for inviting us to play at the 80th anniversary of the club!

Our website is now online!!!

Our song Memories can be heard from now on at Radio-24!

Thanks Teillots for the great organisation! The ambiance was great and we hope to come back next year!

Our Story

SIR JUPITER is a symphonic Pop-Rock band from Hautefort (France), made up of the 3 Dutch brothers Troy, Kwint and Yarmo Mackenbach. It all began in 2007 when Troy, at the age of 11, gives a solo performance on the piano at the school's end-of-year show. Hereby inspired, the 2 other brothers start making music too: Kwint on the guitar and Yarmo on keyboard. Not long after, they all 3 learned to play the drums.

After a year of hard practicing, they have their first performance together in May 2008 (respectively 12, 14 and 16 years old), again at the end-of-year show of their school. Having not yet thought about a stage name, the announcers called them MMC (Mackenbach Music Connection). They do one more show under this name, after which they decide to continue as LYNX, a stage name they keep for 3 years, to finally adopt the name SIR JUPITER as of 2012.

The band gets its inspiration from groups like Supertramp, Eagles, Pink Floyd and Coldplay, and covers of these groups are integrated in their playlist. However, they more and more focus on writing their own material since 2010 and on creating a unique sound. On June, the 21st of 2011, Sir Jupiter plays for the first time on the street during the Fête de la Musique in Périgueux, giving a 2-hour concert composed of covers and original songs. The audience gave very positive reactions.

By giving several performances in the summer of 2012, the band gains reputation and some of their songs can be regularly heard on local radiostations.

After half a year of recording and mixing, in January of 2013 they were able to have a little party: their first album has been released! In 2015, this album was followed by the ROOTS EP and in 2016 by the WINGS EP.


Sir Jupiter 10th Anniversay Edition cover

Sir Jupiter 10th Anniversay Edition2023 • CD

  1. Wasting Time4:27
  2. Eva Smiles4:34
  3. Haven5:53
  4. Memories3:51
  5. Land Of Trouble3:48
  6. Stand Up4:56
  7. It's Been A Long Day4:14
  8. Crossing The Limits4:06
  9. Our Story4:47
  10. Destination Unknown4:38
  11. What I Say4:59
  12. Memories Acoustic4:09
Covered in Snow cover

Covered in Snow2018 • CD

  1. X-mas Feeling3:46
  2. Lonely Christmas4:43
  3. December Night4:16
  4. Silver Light4:56
  5. From My Heart6:54
  6. Christmas In The Southern Hemisphere6:54
Wings cover

Wings2016 • EP

  1. Passenger3:46
  2. Just Dust4:43
  3. Avalanche4:16
  4. Lies & Rumours4:56
  5. Angel On Earth6:54
Roots cover

Roots2015 • EP

  1. Problem Kid5:47
  2. From Here On Out3:50
  3. Wicked People4:26
  4. Last To Leave2:43
  5. Trouble On The Playground5:11
Sir Jupiter cover

Sir Jupiter2012 • CD

  1. Wasting Time4:28
  2. Eva Smiles4:36
  3. Haven5:53
  4. Memories3:51
  5. Land Of Trouble3:52
  6. Stand Up5:01
  7. It's Been A Long Day4:19
  8. Crossing The Limits4:07
  9. Our Story4:48
  10. Destination Unknown4:40
  11. What I Say5:00

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